The Juneau Community Charter School, the only K-8 public school in Juneau, is an educational partnership between staff, parents and community members. Our mission is to develop students with a vision for the world, a love of learning and an ethic of responsibility and contribution to the community.

Juneau Community Charter School was founded on the concept that there should be alternatives to the traditional focus and methods of teaching children.  Conceptually our school’s methodology is a shift of focus from how teachers can control learning to how children can best learn.  Through the use of a variety of educational approaches we work to develop in each child the ability to gain knowledge and find meaning in what they learn. We feel that this results in children who find learning wonderful and natural.  The ability of students to look both inside and outside themselves in creating a holistic and healthy understanding of their world is another prime goal of the JCCS program.

The school is organized into 5 multi-grade classrooms:  kindergarten and first, second and third, fourth and fifth and two Middle School classrooms of sixth, seventh and eighth graders. In addition to our classroom teachers, specialty instructors supplement the curriculum in the areas of Visual Arts, Physical Education, Cultural Education, Math, Choral and General Music, Piano (2nd and 3rd grades), Guitar (4th and 5th grades) and Concert Band (6th through 8th grades). Additionally, numerous exploratory classes are offered to middle school students such as Wood Shop, Photography, Digital Media, Rock Band, Cooking and 3-D Computer Aided Design.