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Below you will find email contacts for not only JCCS faculty, staff and specialists, but also members of our Academic Policy Committee (APC), which is the parent/guardian board which makes policy and budget decisions for the school.

Steve Morley Middle School - Math/Science

Jenny Strumfeld   Middle School - Lang Arts/Social Studies
Rosie Milligan 4th & 5th Grades, WEBSITE:
Sheila Keller 2nd & 3rd Grades
Iris Kemp Kindergarten & 1st Grade
SpecialistsContent Areaemail
  Music Teacher  
Sandy Fortier Band Teacher
  P.E. Teacher  
Linda Torgerson K-3 Art Teacher
Lesley Kalbrener   

4-8 Art Teacher

Keyboarding Specialist   
Brenda Taylor Math Specialist
Anne Kurland Math Specialist
Cynthia McFeeters   Facilitating Teacher  
Maraiya Gentili Administrative Specialist CS
Beth Rivest Paraeducator
   Office Assistant I  
APC Academic Policy Committeeemail
Angela Moe

Anji Gallanos

Bill Byford
Latarsha McQueen
Liz Clement
Ryan Stanley, President
Wendy Zirngibl