Below you will find email contacts for not only JCCS faculty, staff and specialists, but also members of our Academic Policy Committee (APC), which is the parent/guardian board which makes policy and budget decisions for the school.

Renee Drummond Middle School 

Sheila Keller Middle School
Rosie Milligan 4th & 5th Grades, WEBSITE:
Liz Brooks 2nd & 3rd Grades
Gwenna Corvez Kindergarten & 1st Grade
SpecialistsContent Areaemail
Patrick Murphy Music Teacher
Sandy Fortier Music Teacher
Dirk Miller P.E. Teacher
Lauren Louwagie Art Teacher
Brenda Taylor Math Specialist
Elizabeth Brennell Math Specialist
Alison Cooney Management Assistant
Maraiya Gentili Administrative Assistant I
Beth Rivest Paraeducator
APC Academic Policy Committeeemail
Angela Moe
Bill Byford
Maggie Ferguson
Latarsha McQueen
Matt Jones
Michael Bucy
Ryan Stanley, President